My Two Hours on Tinder

I am sure by now you have heard of Tinder. That app where people go to find people to date or to hook up with. You often see people commenting which way they would swipe for someone if they ever saw them on Tinder. It seems to be the new way that people are meeting each other (with the exception to the explosion of Pokémon Go) and I decided that there was really no harm is seeing what all of the fuss is about.

Perhaps I should have gone about it a different way. I probably should have had an experienced friend help me set up my account but I did my best.

To be honest I was incredibly creeped out during the whole experience and deleted it after two long hours. The number of men in their 60s looking for women in their 20s made me uncomfortable. I understand that everyone is entitled to want whatever they like but that just isn’t my cup of tea. It seemed that most guys my age on there have no job or photos that looked like they didn’t care much about their hygiene. I assumed that if you were going to put your face out there to find a mate of some sort that you would want to make yourself look a bit presentable.

One of my friends also happened to have stumbled across me in those two hours and I definitely got laughed at. Luckily once the laughter subsided a bit, I was able to ask him questions about how it all worked. He enlightened me that there are filters you can use to limit the age range of people that you see.

Regardless, I don’t see myself trying it out again any time soon. I think I will stick with following TinderNightmares on Instagram instead.

What have your experiences been with online dating? Do you have an app or site that you’d recommend? I am on the fence about trying it out but would love your suggestions in case I do end up wanting to test it out!

One comment

  1. Although I’m also not a fan of Tinder, it’s what dating has turned into. Not trying to self-promote here but you may be interested to know that I hosted my own social experiment with online dating sites. I had my real profile and created a fake one so I could compare. It can be quite difficult from a guy’s perspective too. Check it out if you have time: (post 1) {plan of action} and (post 2) {results}


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