My Morning Routine

Every morning starts with Adele coming through my docking station at 5:30 a.m. If I am feeling ambitious I will peel away my duvet and roll myself out of bed. I have my alarm set 30 minutes before I need to so that I have time to either make some tea, watch some YouTube videos or even have a quick workout.

Most of the time however I grab my phone and  set my 6:00 a.m. alarm to get a few extra winks of sleep. Once that alarm goes off for the second time it is still a struggle to get out of bed. My bed is my favourite place after all.

The first thing that I do is sit myself down in front my mirror. I grab a facial wipe and clear away the junk that accumulated overnight. Right now I am loving the Burt’s Bees grapefruit wipes.

Then I turn up my tunes loud enough to hear but quiet enough not to wake my roommate. I stumbled across my old iPod from Jr High and have been entertaining myself with my old jams.

Depending how bad my bed-head is and how much time that I have depends on what happens with my hair. Most often it will either go into a ponytail or I will add a few curls with my 1.5″ curling iron. If I have enough time I might run my flat iron though my locks since it will help keep them semi-tamed for a few days.

My makeup look doesn’t change much day to day. I smooth on some sunscreen before using my beauty blender to apply some Olay CC Cream. I like it for the summer because it saves me from having to apply moisturizer, primer and any other skin care under my foundation.

Lately I have been too lazy to use my makeup brushes so my beauty blender does the trick. I will even dab it into my powders (pressed, bronzer, shimmer blush) for a subtle look. A crease shade might go onto my eyes, some eye liner and certainly some CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara. A quick swipe of my lip balm and my face is ready to go for the day.

Heading to my dresser I will normally start my outfit based on which pants are clean. I decide a shirt based on that then often grab a sweater too – it can get chilly at my desk.

Before heading downstairs I will give my teeth a brush and double check my makeup making sure that I don’t have any mascara spots where I shouldn’t.

Once in the kitchen I round up the left overs from last night’s supper, some veggies to snack on, a serving of oatmeal and sometimes a PB&J sandwich. This morning I made myself an iced chai tea coconut milk latte as a special treat for my drive to work. I put all of the food in my big bag, make sure that I have a book, keys, phone and a notebook in there too.

At this point I am good to go and grab some shoes and am out the door, on the road to the rest for my day.

I want to know what your favourite part of your morning routine is! What gets you excited for your day and motivated to conquer whatever comes  your way?



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