Greece 2016: Day 2

Today I reached my destination. Nothing too exciting has happened. Although I slept on the plane as much as I could, I didn’t get any sound sleep.

Once at the Athens airport I was quite surprised by how easy it is to get into the country.They scanned and stamped my passport without asking me any questions. They didn’t care why I was here or when I’ll be leaving. 

In Greece nothing is open on Sunday’s. During the cab ride to my hotel there was hardly any traffic and all of the stores were closed. The only thing that seemed to be open are kiosks when you can buy chocolate bars and gum. 

I was able to get an early check in. Grabbing a shower sure was a delight. Before I knew it I was fast asleep, catching up on my rest. I think that with the bad sleep on the plane and not feeling well the last day or so really burnt me out. My “nap” was almost 5 hours long but I felt like I could still sleep all night.

I knew that I needed to eat so headed to the hotel restaurant. Unfortunately it was closed but they were serving food at the pool lounge. What I didn’t know was that on the opposite side of the food from the pool was the patio where they were serving the food which had the most incredible view. The sun was setting as well which made it all the more magical. Their target guests at this hotel is North Americans so it was easy to find something on the menu that I recognized. I decided that while in Greece I might as well try as much Greek food as possible. I order myself the souvlaki.

Boy was I ever happy with the food. The bread that they serve before the main course came with an olive spread (much like the bread and butter we would get back home). I couldn’t stop eating it. The flavour of the spread was incredible and even the bread was something that I was not used it – it was a dry bread covered in sesame seeds. Absolutely delicious! 

I still didn’t have my full appetite back after being sick. I didn’t eat much of my souvlaki but did make sure to try everything on my plate. It was not really any different from the souvlaki that I have tried back home: tomatoes, onion, green peppers and beef grilled on a skewer. They did however serve it with French fries which caught me a bit off guard. 

After that meal I headed back to my room and cracked open a book and fell back asleep.


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