Post Treatment

It has been 4 days since treatment.

I was pretty nervous going into it. I had to keep 2 vials of botox in my fridge and bring them with me to the neurology office. The ladies at the front desk were super sweet and got me booked in for my next appointment while I waited.

Once I got to see the neurologist, she asked me some generic questions. I saw that she had 4 syringes. I tried not to think about them much. She got me to tie my hair up, lay down and turn my head to the side. She then started jabbing the side of my head and injecting the botox. Not going to lie, it hurt. Each prick felt as though i was being stung by a bee. She did both sides of my head, a few spots between my eyes, the back of my neck, and my shoulders. She even asked me to stop flinching because i was reacting to each jab. It was tough to sit still.

Afterwards I headed home and got out some ice. I’ve started to get used to the pain of the migraines but this pain was different. It felt like someone was pressing on a bruise on the sides of my head.

The next day I was pretty sore still. I got a migraine too. I didn’t get up to much because I was sensitive to sound and light. The neurologist had warned me that it may take up to a week for things to settle down.

Luckily, it didn’t take that long. By Sunday (2 days after treatment) things were quite mild. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror. To my surprise, my brow doesn’t move like it used to. I don’t know if that is a short term type of thing or not, but it’s a weird feeling when I scrunch my face and the middle of my forehead no longer moves.

Both yesterday and today (so far) I have been migraine free. I also need to pick up my new glasses today which have a special lenses to help my eyes. They predict that with the combination of the new glasses and the botox that I should be miles ahead of where i was. It’s unknown if it should help with my memory, but it will at least make my days more manageable. I am taking that as a win.

One comment

  1. Glad to see you blogging again and that the treatment was approved has started! Hopefully this is the step that starts racking up some points in the win column for you! The new glasses look great on you.
    Keep up the writing!


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