Buck-A-Burpee – I challenge you!

There are a lot of charities out there to support, but this is one that I have a particular soft spot for. 

A friend/colleague of mine came up with the idea last year to put two things together that mean a lot to him: Fitness and the Ronald McDonald House. For every dollar raised, Scott Weller did a burpee. 7525 of them in 35 days to be exact!

What is a burpee you ask? Some refer to it as torture, but it is a great exercise that targets many different muscles. Think of a putting together a push up and a jumping jack… or just check out this video of Scott and Canadian Olympian Patrick Chan at RMHNA during last year’s campaign.

Scott’s goal has grown this year. He is looking at raising $25,000.00 for the Ronald McDonald House. It is an amazing place where families are able to stay at a minimal cost while they have children in the hospital. The house provides them with a place to call home for however long they need it, with prepared meals, kitchens to do their own cooking, excursion for sick kids and their siblings and the list just goes on. I have had the oppurtunity to go there, have a house tour, make lunch for the families at the house and to take lunch to the families who were unable to go back to the house for lunch because they were at the hospital with their little ones. This place is able to take away a lot of worries for parents and lets them focus on what really matters. It also provides a place for siblings to go be kids instead of being cooped up in a hotel or hospital room. 

Another new aspect this year is the Buck-A-Burpee Challenge. Everyday Scott challenges 3 people to do burpees and to challenge 3 of their friends. I can only hope that this challenge spreads like wild-fire, bringing awareness to home away from home. 

Help me, help Scott spread the word about Buck-A-Burpee. If you are able to donate, that is absolutely wonderful. The Ronald McDonald House accepts more than just monetary donations. People can sign up to go make lunch or dinner  for residents, you can donate items like diapers, craft supplies, hand made quilts, toys… 

To learn a bit more about Scott, Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta and Buck-A-Burpee, check out some of the links below:

Scott at Breakfast Television (2014)

Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta Website

Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta YouTube

Buck-A-Burpee Website

Buck-A-Burpee Facebook Page

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