March Empties

Yes it is almost halfway through the month and I am only getting to my Empties post now. My apologies for my tardiness. 

It is my goal to downsize everything I have! That would mean that I would need to stop picking up new things though… As you will notice by the new haul blogs coming later this week, it’s easier said than done! I did manage to get through some stuff this month. There are also a few items that I am going to include that are no where near empty but I am better off without. 

  1. Benefit’s They’re Real Masacara (travel size) – I don’t know what it is about Benefit mascara but I have never found a formula of theirs that works well on my lashes. This was no exception. I took it on my trip because it was travel sized and I received it in one of my Sephora orders a while ago. I won’t be repurchasing.
  2.  Bath and Body  Works 3 Wick Candle in Peach Orchard – this candle is great no matter the time of year. The candle burned evenly and had a scent that literally smelled like fresh peaches. I am kind of sad that it is gone but am excited to start burning my next 3 wick candle.
  3. Garnier BB Cream – Alright… I have posted in the past about this BB Cream and how the formula has changed. I had hoped that It would mix nicely with my moisturizer and create a tinted moisturizer. Well, it has now been determined that that is not how it works. I have no reason to keep this BB Cream and I don’t see myself purchasing it again. It makes me sad to say about something that used to be my daily go to. Luckily I found a foundation that I like relatively quickly.
  4. Anastasia Brow Wiz – I absolutely love this product. I had a spare on standby before it ran out. It lasts way longer than any drug store brow pencil that I have tried and it looks much more natural. I recommend this product to anyone and everyone who wants to fill their brows. It is well worth every penny. I believe that my brow wiz lasted me about 8 months. 
  5. Cetaphil Face Wash  (travel size) – I took this with me to Europe. It was nice and small so I was able not worry about having my face wash taken away from airport security. Cetaphil face wash is one of those products that I continue to come back to. It is gentle on my skin, makes it feel clean without drying it out and is not rediculously priced. I probably should have kept the empty bottle to refill it for any upcoming trip i have – but oh well!

There aren’t too many empties for the month of March. April’s list is already longer. I will try to get that one out more promptly 😉

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