Tips & Tricks: Money Saving Apps

In the past I have told you guys about Checkout 51 and how it provides coupon/rebates for different items at the grocery store. Very recently I have come across 3 other apps that work the same way!

Snap – Powered by Groupon, this app provides nice thumbnail views of all the different items to redeem. What I like about this one is that not all items are brand specific. This week they have $1.00 back on any toothpaste and $0.25 back on any can of soup. It is very easy to use, just take a picture of your receipt and let them know which items you are redeeming. Someone on their end verifies the receipt and allocates the predetermined amount to your account. Once you have reached a minimum of $20.00, you can cash out and collect your money.

Zweet – A little different from Snap and Checkout 51, Zweet gives you the option to collect Zweet Points or to collect cash. the Zweet Points can be used towards charitable donations or giftcards. Every dollar redeemed equals 10 Zweet points. You need more than $5.00 worth of Zweet points for a $5.00 donation/giftcard, but there is always that option available to you. The items on this app are not as popular as the items that Checkout 51 or Snap has, but that may be a good thing – you may end up trying out some new products that will save you a couple of dollars.

CartSmart – Unfortunately this app could be much more user friendly. However, a few of the items from this week were also on Checkout 51 – that means even more savings! I struggled trying to figure out how to submit my receipt on this app and I do not like that I have to log into the app each time I open it. I hope that they will sort that out in an upgrade. It also takes longer than the other apps to get a response regarding if they are accepting your claim. If you are quite comfortable with your phone and navigating through your phone, go ahead and get this app too. If you are someone who is always frustrated with your phone, I would pass on it. It is not always worth the headache to save a dollar here and there.


Please note that I have an iPhone and I do not know if they are available on devices other than apple products.

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