My Zodiac Sign (PC)

Zodiacs & horoscopes are not something that I believe much in. I do find it amusing to read horoscope once in a while to see how accurate it is. Normally it is WAY off.

My zodiac sign is Pisces. From what I found online, my strengths should be:

  • Compassion
  • Adaptive
  • Accepting
  • Devoted
  • Imaginative

These are not characteristics that I have heard to describe me much. I suppose perhaps compassion would come from the fundraising that I do throughout the year for various children’s charities, but there are so many of us that do this that it is not something that stands out.

My weaknesses are said to be:

  • Oversensitive
  • Indecisive
  • Self-pitying
  • Lazy
  • Escapist

This sounds like the description of the average teenager… I hope that it does not continue to describe me! I suppose indecisive would suit me to a degree, I know that I will never get a tattoo because I would change my mind 2 days after getting it about what it should’ve been.

When I read about Pisces they are need someone in their life to guide them. They are dependent and incapable of taking the lead. If this is my zodiac then maybe my parents got my birthday wrong?! This doesn’t seem right at all. I am pretty independent, keeping to myself and preferring to do things my own way. Good luck to those who try to tell me how I should be.

All in all, I learnt that my zodiac sign could not be further off base. What a hunk of junk!

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