Canada Prepares to Vote: NDP

The New Democratic Party was first led by Tommy Douglas (Keifer Sutherland’s grandfather… Like they say, you don’t know Jack 😉 ) in 1961. 

At the time, they were in support of Trudeau’s (Justin’s father) liberal government. Since then they have grown in strides both provincially and federally. 

Today, Thomas Mulcair is at the helm and is running for Prime Minister. I headed over to to learn more about what their platform is. Here is what I found to be their plan:

– bring quality, affordable childcare

– strengthen public health care

– ensure a cleaner environment

– kick-start the economy and create good jobs
From what I found out on the Conservatives Party website, I see a lot of similarities but a lot less detail about how they could achieve their goals.

The NDP does say that the profitable corporations will be the ones subsidizing childcare and healthcare and end unfair loopholes for CEOs, investing it to eliminate property. 

Then their platform gets into bashing our current Prime Minister, talking about corruptions, and that we only have this chance to stop him. 

I find it interesting that his promises are VERY similar to Harpers yet he bashes him. Just some food for thought…

As there is a lot less content on their site as the PCs, I don’t have much else to talk to you about today unfortunately. 

Tomorrow’s post will be regarding the Liberal Party.

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