Planning Another Trip

As you may know, I spent two weeks traveling Europe this spring. As I blogged my way through 10 cities in 14 days, I seem to have caught the travel bug because I cannot stop looking up pictures of other destinations to explore. The more I look, the more Greece has caught my eye. 

I consulted one of the girls that I met on my European adventure and she agreed, Greece would be grand! Feeling inspired, I reached out to the other girls that we spent the most time with abroad. It looks like we may have a round 2 of International travels in our future.

It is time to start saving up my money for a trip to Greece!!

That means that there are more than likely many posts to come about ways to save money as I try to get more creative with each dollar. It also means that I will probably annnoy my friends and family with sentences that start with “Did you know that in Greece…” for the next year. Apologies to you guys in advance!

I love greek food, the history, the mythology, the coast, the architecture… I am going to make this a reality for myself, without a doubt!

Have any of you been to Greece? Want to go to Greece? Let me know what your favourite part about it is!

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  1. Greece is really wonderful! I spent a week hopping islands a few years ago and had the time of my life. All the best with saving! I’ll have to keep an eye out for some of your helpful tips there 😉 (currently saving for another trip myself)


  2. Sounds like a fun trip!! As for creative ways to save money or earn money ~~ I have a few suggestions. I sell makeup/skincare as a rep for Younique, and if you think you’d be interested in starting your own business, let me know and you can join our team. The majority of us do our business 100% online, so it’s definitely something you can do in your free time. You start out earning 20%, and can earn up to 30% on your sales. You also get paid within 3 hrs of your sales. Our products are cruelty free, and don’t contain parabens or other nasty stuff, it’s awesome!! Another suggestion I have is to do some virtual assistant work. I do virtual assistant work here and there and if you’re comfortable with emailing/blogging/phone calls, this may also be something you’d like. I’ll put the link to my younique website~ so you can check out how it works and see what you think of the products. Just click the Join tab to see more info 🙂


    • Thank you for sharing this with me – I must have missed it when you originally posted it.
      I think at this point in time getting into makeup would cause me to spend more than I would make.
      Hopefully some of the other subscribers will check it out for themselves though. 🙂

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      • Lol!! I know what you mean!! Haha! We actually earn free makeup too, it’s pretty awesome. You can earn free products as well, I’ve got 3 more spots for this month open so let me know if that’s something you’re interested in! I would send you a referral for the freelance VA company I’m with part time, but you have to be living in the US 😦


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