Cell Phone Free!

Last night I left my phone at work. I was tempted to make the 30 min trek back to get it, but I decided that there was no harm in going without it for one night.

Most days you would think that my phone was my conjoined twin. I will not go anywhere without it. I am constantly checking my Instagram feed, playing Trivia Crack, logging my water intake, googling random questions that pop into my head… Lets be honest, most of us have become dependent on this technology.

Guess what guys, I survived! Not only did I survive but I was way more productive than usual. I made myself dinner and cleaned up the kitchen… normally by this point I grab my phone and start browsing to see what is going on in the world. Before I know it, it is time for bed. Not last night! Last night I shoveled, purged some of my junk and went to bed early!

Another benefit of not having my phone is that I actually went to sleep when I went to bed. No backlit technology to keep me awake, I passed right out.

Although I was happy to reconnect with my phone this morning, I am glad to have a mini cellular-detox. I should really unplug more often!

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