Day 1: Clothing

In the first aspect of this version of the Simple Life, I tackled my closet. I have not accumulated much for new clothes since my last purge but there are quite a few things that I feel that I am more than ready to part ways with.

I grabbed a large recycle bag and got to work.  First step was my laundry. As it came out of the dryer, I started sorting between what to toss and what to keep. All the items that didn’t fit properly or that I had worn out went into the bag instead of back into my closet. Once that was done I filtered through my dresser and closet, pulling out anything I hadn’t worn in the last month to consider for the donation bag. Once I had that settled I moved onto my seasonal bin full of summer clothing.

A few good things to remember if you are also taking on the task of clearing your clothing collection:

  • If it is worn out, get rid of it
  • Don’t have anything to wear with it? Get rid of it
  • Remember what the weather is like year around. Don’t get rid of all your shorts just because it is winter. Do get rid of the shorts that always give you a wedgy though!
  • Just because it is underwear, doesn’t mean that it’s okay for it to have holes in it. Toss them!
  • You only need so many of your boyfriend shirts, boy band shirts and random free shirts that you’ve picked up along the way.
  • Do keep one shirt that you can paint/get messy in guilt free (unless you have kids… maybe keep a few then!).


Using those tactics, trying some things on for the millionth time and looking forward to that free space, I was able to fill that large recycle bag. It is now in my car, waiting for the end of the week when I will take everything to a second hand store.

Let me know how your closet clean sweep went!

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